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Travelling On A Budget – 5 Simple Tips

Travelling On A Budget – 5 Simple Tips



Thirst for travelling springs up in you but your wallet reminds empty streets on a November night? Unfortunately, not all of us can afford around-the-world trips and exclusive vacations. But don’t think you can’t get unforgettable impressions while travelling without spending much. So, we’ve made a short list of tips that will help you both save your money and enjoy the vacation in your favourite destinations.


Check Fares Constantly

Looking up airfare costs may be disappointing but don’t get sad too fast. The rates you see are often high, but if you’re patient enough, you may end up having a nice deal. Just find out the information on regular prices and check for airfare coupons. When you know regular prices, you will be quick to see lucrative deals.

You can also look for websites and compare prices of different airlines. As a rule, such websites take the lowest prices from a wide range of airlines. Moreover, they usually offer a list of deals on last-minute flights, so there is a big chance to get the best possible deal, no matter if you plan your vacation in advance or decided to leave everything for the next weekend.


Find Hotel Deals In Unexpected Places

The place you stay in makes a big part of your overall expenses. Searching for hotel deals on special booking websites is a good solution because you can score a nice discount rate there. One more profitable solution is to sign up for a reward program. In most cases, you don’t have to pay to become a member, it’s absolutely free and it gives you an opportunity to gain points that later become your travel rewards.


Don’t Stay In A Hotel

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of where to stay during vacation is a hotel. But don’t let this thought be the only possible one. Be creative and try out the sources like HomeAway and Airbnb instead of booking a hotel. Those are the websites where owners offer to rent their properties for nice prices. It often happens that these prices beat hotels, giving you even more privacy and comfort.


Save On Food In Creative Ways

It’s always easy to see what exact sum you need for accommodations and transport because you know the prices in advance. When it comes to food, you never know for sure what sum you will spend on it. So, saving up some money would be a wise decision, and here are several tips on how to do it:

– Stock up cheap snacks everywhere you see them. Hotels, attractions, and airlines normally boost prices on food they offer

– Take your own reusable bottle with you. Buying bottled water can really pile up your expenses

– Find accommodations with a kitchen. You will be able to prepare meal quickly and keep leftovers in a fridge

– Go to a picnic. Make sandwiches, get some snacks from a local shop, and enjoy yourself outdoors instead of paying twice more in restaurants


Look For City Passes

While tourist attractions tend to be extremely expensive, there is a city pass to make a trip less costly. You can get it in every major city and it really has a lot of perks, especially if you are going to visit main attractions.

For instance, with Chicago’s pass you get a VIP access to top five attractions of the city. The pass lets you skip all long lines and enjoy the attractions. You don’t have to cram everything into one day because it’s valid for more than a week. Moreover, you save up to 50 percent and more of the regular price for the attractions you choose.

Following the tips mentioned above, you will easily have a memorable trip that won’t hit your pocket. Enjoy travelling and come back home with some money left.

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