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About Us

About Us

Our main goal is to make the lives of our guests more pleasant
and fascinating by giving them an opportunity to pay less.
That’s the reason this project was created.

We’re not just a group of plain managers, we’re a strong team that strives to improve the everyday life of people who use our services.

You will find a nice selection of coupons and promotions on our website and all of them are totally free. Learn about the most alluring offers from different stores online and offline.

The site has a Blog where guests can get a lot of handy information about shopping and read diverse posts on shopping tips.

Besides browsing the website and reading posts on your own, you can share them with your family and friends.

If you want to receive daily reminders about the best deals on your inbox, subscribe to our newsletters. This will keep you updated on all fruitful offers even without visiting our website.

For any questions concerning the site usage contact support@specialdealsweekly.com.

If there are any issues with online registration, unsubscription, or you have found any errors on the website, the professional technical support will promptly help you.

In the case you have general questions, please send an email to info@specialdealsweekly.com.

But if these options are not enough you can also send us a letter to:


173 Main St
Road Town
British Virgin Islands

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