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7 Tips How To Save On Backyard Barbecues

7 Tips How To Save On Backyard Barbecues



Have you ever been in a situation when you want to invite quite a lot of people to a barbecue party, but then you realise your budget is not big enough for that? Don’t worry and keep inviting all your friends because we have prepared seven ways on how to make your barbecue party frugal yet fun.


Collect Coupons
If you want to make the final bill less frightening, you can always use coupon codes for online shopping or print them from the computer. With their help, you get a chance to buy a lot of high-quality items instead of wasting a large sum on one single item. Here is a tip for you: if you see that the item isn’t on sale, just don’t buy it.

Pay attention not only to percent-off coupons but also to the coupons that help save some money on numerous items. You will see there are plenty of buy-one-get-another-one-for-free coupons. This option is especially good for barbeque because you will need really a lot of supplies. And always remember to shop in advance if you choose to buy items online.

Look For Price Cuts
Stores usually reduce prices for meat that expires soon, so you can get an advantage from that and buy it the same day you plan to have a barbeque. Another way to save money on meat is to buy a reduced-price one in advance and put it to the freezer until the day of the party comes.

You can also get a better deal with the same high quality of products if you decide to cook sausage, hamburgers or hotdogs. For example, choose family size package of ground beef or any other similar fare. Besides, hotdogs are always a beloved and inexpensive meal of all kids.

Rely On Condiments
Foods are not necessarily the essential component of every barbeque party. Use some extras and surprise your guests with amazing flavors of condiments or marinades. So, if your meat is not high-quality, marinate it in teriyaki sauce for 24 hours before the party.

Moreover, you can set up a special table with various sauces full of savoury add-ons. If you offer your guests shish kebabs, serve also a selection of dipping sauces. If you choose to make hotdogs or burgers, use ketchup, mustard, onions, sauerkraut, or other delicious extras. Such marinades and off-brand condiments are a great way to turn the frugality of your meals into something very special and tasty.

Repurpose Christmas Lights
Why to purchase expensive decorations when all you need is to remember where the Christmas decorations are hidden. Hang up single-color twinkle lights on trees or place them on the eaves of a porch. No matter where you choose to place them, the atmosphere of celebration is guaranteed. One more option is to put paper muffin cups on the lights which will make them look more summery. Also, you can save money and minimize potential fire hazards using LED lights.

Find Cheap Reusable Plates
Disposable dishes may really break the bank if you like to throw barbeque parties on a regular basis. Find cheap ceramic or plastic set of dishes: they can be a good alternative to disposable ones and add a touch of style to the event. Using them for the next backyard events will certainly save you a lot of money. One more perk is that you won’t hurt the environment with reusable dishes. When it comes to silverware, just find cheap sets that will fit perfectly well in an outdoor party.

Decorate A Cheap Cooler
Leave deluxe champagne buckets and beer coolers to those who prefer to throw their money around. Get a cheap plastic cooler and let your imagination work: use tactics like decoupage, spray it with metallic paint to make it look like an item made of metal. There are plenty of options to make a cheap cooler both look nice at your barbeque party and keep beverages cold.

Invest In Decks Of Cards
Forget overpriced outdoor games because there is much better choice for a backyard barbeque. Pick several decks of cards and leave them on the tables. Your guests can play various games like Go Fish, rummy, cribbage, or any other family favorite game after rich and delicious food you’ve served them.

If you follow all the mentioned tips, your backyard barbeque will definitely bring you pleasure without hitting your pocket. But if you feel like you are still short of cash, there is a great BYOB option to keep you stress-free.

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